New Year's Resolutions for Leadership Roles: How You Can Become A Better Leader


With the end of the year quickly approaching, we take time to reflect on 2019. Many of us make a few personal and professional New Year's Resolutions, but with the arrival of a new decade, it might be time to think outside the box with your usual resolutions.

For those of you in leadership roles, or aspire to have a leadership position, use this time to think about your leadership style for 2020. Every year we learn valuable lessons that provide insight into our leadership skills and tendencies. As a leader, use the new decade as an opportunity to develop your existing skills and think about what areas need improvement. If you need some help making your leadership resolutions, we have a couple of suggestions that can set you in the right direction for 2020.

Be More Open About Strengths and Struggles

As a leader, it might be difficult to discuss your strengths and struggles at work. No one enjoys addressing their struggles: it makes us feel vulnerable, and you might feel like your teammates or employees will view you differently. Remember: Struggles are not about you, personally, they are about your present skills situationally.

If you want to become a better leader, it’s important to be transparent about those strengths and struggles. Our behavioral characteristics are inclined to thrive in certain situations and need assistance in others. It’s what makes us human, and ultimately, makes us better at our job.

Rather than feeling like you have to handle things alone, be open about ongoing projects, clients, and assignments with other leaders and managers. Being a great leader requires honesty, and there’s a good chance your fellow managers have experienced similar struggles. Being open about your struggles will make you a better leader, and provides a chance to brainstorm solutions with other leaders who can provide new insight.

Evaluate the Lessons You’ve Learned from the Previous Year

As the new year approaches, take the time to think about the valuable lessons you learned from 2019. Write them down and highlight one or two that really stand out to you. Brainstorm ideas that encourage positive growth for yourself, and your team. Tack them outside so everyone can see what your goals are, and be inspired to make some as well.

Reflecting on your leadership lessons doesn’t have to be purely internal. Think about valuable lessons your team learned as well, and how you can channel those lessons in upcoming projects, assignments, and goals for the year. Have your employees set three or four resolutions as well, and touch base on them during bi-weekly or monthly meetings.

Remember - You’re Always Learning

One of the most important parts of leadership is being open to learning. Taking opportunities to learn new skills, programs, and ways to benefit your company is a great resolution you can make for the upcoming year. 

Being a good leader isn’t always about having the right answers. It’s important to acknowledge that sometimes you’ll need a day or two to find a solution in order to help your team find success. Simply shooting in the dark won’t do you any good. Keeping an open mind, and being someone who values continuous learning will set you down the path for a successful 2020.

Build Trust and Honesty with Employees

Your leadership role is important, however, a major component to prioritize in 2020 is your relationship with employees and team members. How frequently do you sit down, and ask them how they’re doing personally and professionally?

In order to get high-performance results, it’s important to check in with your employees on a regular basis. Remember: a leader is only as great as their team. Focus on building trust, and set regular meetings for your teams, and individual employees. They’ll be more likely to ask for help in situations that require your assistance, rather than wait until the last minute.

Setting new leadership goals for yourself is a great way to begin 2020. However, being a great leader sometimes takes additional work, in order to get the desired results. Leadership coaching, development, and behavioral assessments provide valuable insight we might miss on the job. If you want to take the next step with your leadership position, RighPath’s behavioral assessments and free leadership webinars can provide the insight you’ve been looking for.


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