Develop Your Leadership Role with the 360 Assessment


How do the leaders in your company describe themselves? Some leaders would say visionary; others caring; others results-oriented. Everyone wants to see themselves as a great leader, but how do those around them experience their leadership style and how does that impact their effectiveness? 

Too often, leaders believe they’re doing what’s best for their team, but blind spots prevent them from having an accurate understanding of their leadership. Blind spots lead to poor results and low employee productivity.. Everyone responds differently to different types of leadership, but if your leaders are not aware of and manage their leadership style, employee morale, engagement and retention will suffer.

Good leadership is the key to a great work environment. Continuing down a path of poor leadership just leads to bad employee morale and high turnover. RightPath’s 360 Leadership Assessment identifies leadership strengths and struggles, informing leaders how to lead more effectively.



Develop Your Leaders with the 360 Assessment

The RightPath 360 assessment measures 64 key leadership traits with personalized feedback that evaluates leadership performance. Regardless of your current leadership style, our 360 provides the objective feedback you can use to eliminate leadership blind spots and turbo charge leadership effectiveness.


How does it work?

The assessment starts with gathering feedback from colleagues, direct reports, managers, and trusted peers. Participants are given an anonymous 10-minute questionnaire to rate 64 leadership traits, as well as a few written questions about leadership strengths and struggles. 

Once completed, we’ll compile the feedback into a full-color report designed for coaching, training and development. The report is broken down by rater type and these five dimensions of leadership:

  • Results
  • Relationships
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence
  • Trust
  • Develops Others


If you would like your leaders to get objective feedback to address blind spots and increase their leadership effectiveness, RightPath’s 360 is the tool for you.

Order your 360 Leadership Assessment today to get started.


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