New Hiring Strategies: Five of the Best Hiring Practices


Hiring the right employees is a critical part of your company's success.

Without high performing employees, your business will struggle to reach sales goals, keep clients, and retain current employees. If you want to run a successful business, it all begins with who you hire. Here are a few tips on the best hiring practices if you’re struggling to find the right candidates.


Hire someone that fits Company Culture

The best organizations have an intentional company culture and do their best to keep it. Hiring potential candidates without matching values can lead to fractured teams, and a toxic work environment. During the interview process, it’s important for hiring managers to look for potential candidates that have similar values to the company and will fit within the company culture. 

From there, they can then select the most qualified candidates for the job. If their values don’t align, consider hiring a potential candidate who is a better fit, and develop any gaps within their skillset. 


Hire with a Role in Mind

With every role, there are critical functions and tasks that come with the job. Finding someone who can perform those tasks, and whose natural wiring fits the company, is an important step in the hiring decision. Hiring employees whose job provides them energy 70% to 80% of the time is vital to having engaged and vibrant employees.


Hire a Team Player with Complementary Talents

Finding someone who can collaborate well with your existing team is critical in the recruiting and hiring process. It’s a delicate balance, being able to enhance your team’s skill diversity, without it becoming disruptive. If you have a team that is determined, on task, and detail-oriented, but struggles creatively, it’s important to find recruits that can fill those gaps.

However, it isn’t in your best interest to hire someone vastly different. Their tendencies could create frustration within your team and lower their productivity. Instead, find a candidate who can offer complementary skills and fill the existing gaps, while still teaming for success.


Hire someone who believes in Self-Improvement

Hiring someone with the self-awareness to recognize their struggles and wants to better themselves is something to keep in mind during the interview process. A candidate that is too self-assured is likely overselling themselves and could underdeliver on the job. Individuals who recognize their struggles and find strategies to improve themselves will have a greater return on investment (ROI) than most job candidates.


Hire someone with Leadership Potential

While you might not be thinking about changes in company leadership today, within the next five or ten years, you’ll wish you had. Hiring employees that show the ability to lead in your environment will be a great asset to your current team, and potentially benefit your company long term. You can start developing their individual leadership skills and impact the potential of your company’s future.


If you’re ready to implement these best hiring practices, get started by using Path4 and Path6 assessments. Our behavioral assessments are utilized by organizations of all sizes and have made a tremendous impact in employee retention.


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