Salary Doesn't Matter


What could be more important than salary? A hiring manager for a RightPath client recently told us that salary is not the primary factor in attracting top talent to her firm. As she travels to universities recruiting for her financial services company, she competes with other companies to recruit the best and brightest recent college graduates. Most companies in their field offer comparable salaries. Her firm competes with other employers on the basis of corporate culture.

When top talent consider where they would like to work, they often receive offers with similar compensation packages. Candidates from younger (especially millennial) generations want to work for companies that invest in their personal and professional development. They look for work/life balance and a corporate culture marked by strong working relationships.
What can you do to build an appealing corporate culture? We recommend investing in three areas:
  • Leadership development--provide training for managers to sharpen their leadership skills
  • Team building--give work teams tools to help them understand the strengths and struggles of their colleagues, communication styles and decision making preferences
  • Emotional intelligence--develop the skills to manage strong emotions and build healthy working relationships


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