How to Train Good Employees to Become Great Leaders


The backbone of company success isn’t just measured in sales and numbers - it’s also based on the growth and passion of your employees. Seeing your high potential employees work hard to achieve their goals and find their drive can be one of the most rewarding parts of your job. It’s also a strong indicator of their leadership potential, which is important for your company’s long term success.

With this in mind, take a closer look at how you can take your good employees and train them into becoming the next generation of leaders within your company.

Provide Leadership Training and Coaching

It’s important to coach your employees throughout their training, so your candidate feels supported and prepared for new leadership tasks. Becoming a great leader takes time, but with the right coaching insights, your employees will feel more reassured and confident over time.

Current leaders need to meet with their trainees frequently and provide open feedback as they discover and develop their leadership style. As their coach, it’s important to make yourself available, respond to questions, and guide them throughout their leadership education.

See if they’re ready for a small leadership position or task

After some initial training, see if they are ready for a small leadership role or task after a few months. Being able to monitor their progress on smaller assignments is a great way to see if they’re ready for the next step in their career. Trying new roles and positions in the company will not only challenge them, but also reflect how much their leadership skills have developed throughout their training.

Continuing their leadership education through a variety of experiences is a great way to monitor their developmental progress before they are given a new position or promotion. Plus, giving trainees smaller tasks or assignments means if they do face some complications they can focus on how to learn from those mistakes in the future.

Help them Set Long Term Goals

Good employees with the ability to become great leaders already show growth potential, but it’s important to make sure they set goals throughout their training. Setting intentional goals is a great way to measure individual success, and see how they’re doing with new responsibilities. Start with quarterly goals, then see how their goals progress on a monthly basis. If they are struggling to meet their goals, you can readjust as needed, or set new ones as they find their stride.

It’s also important to make sure that their goals align with the company mission. For every goal, have them think about how it can impact the company and their fellow employees. The best leaders want success for everyone, not just themselves.

Focus on Assessing and Developing their Leadership Skills

In order for your employees to reach their leadership potential, you have to help them develop their leadership skills. Reinforce talents that have already surfaced, and help them find skills they are unaware of. For many leaders, they don’t know how to measure their skills or success, and won’t be able to learn what they’re missing unless it’s identified. Behavioral assessments such as the 360 Leadership Assessment provide valuable feedback to develop leaders as they discover their skills, strengths, and struggles.

It’s important to remember that effective leadership begins with the right development, resources, and coaching. RightPath’s 360 assessment, combined with our other resources such as leadership webinars, keynote speeches, and consultations, can help you and your employees find their full leadership potential.


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